We Offer Quality Dry Cleaning at Competitive Prices
Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning!
Taking Care of Your Dry Cleaning Needs!

A Little About Us

All of our work is done onsite.

Our staff has decades of experience to make sure that only the finest quality is provided through our work. Beyond shirts, dresses, pants and other garments, First Class Cleaners take exceptional care in cleaning items of most any kind.

We also offer onsite tailoring, hemming, and alteration services as well as shoe cleaning and
shoe repair for your convenience!

Reasons why ORGANIC DRY CLEANING is the better way to dry clean!

Environmentally Friendly
Unlike the toxic solvents used by ordinary dry cleaning processes, our unique dry cleaning solvent has been declared environmentally friendly by the EPA. In fact, studies show that it's so safe that fish can survive in it.

Healthier for the Body
Organic dry cleaning is a healthy solution for many people who suffer from allergic reactions to the toxins present in ordinary dry cleaning solvents.

No Odor
We promise that our all natural cleaning process does not leave the common "chemical" smell that ordinary dry cleaning processes do.

Lighter, Whiter, and Brighter
Our new and all natural cleaning is not only environmentally friendly, but removes soils, impurities and unhealthy residues buried deep within your garments through innovative cleaning methods including the use of an all organic solvent and top-of-the-line equipment.

Contrary to common belief, it won't cost you more to have your garments organically dry cleaned.